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Sanitation Vehicles and Services

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Garbage Collection

Sweeping and Dust Suppression

Water and Sewage Management

  • Water tank and sprayers


    5m³, 10m³, 12m³, 15m³, 20m³
  • Sewage vacuum


    2.5m³, 5m³, 9m³
  • Vacuum truck for sewage collection


    4m³, 8m³

Transfer Equipment

Train and Port Equipment

Electric (EV)

Sanitation truck solutions

Our table to land solution

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    Improving Occupational Health in Coal Train Cleaning

    In China, trains are the main means of transport for coal.  In the past, workers had to climb into the carriages to clean coal residue, which was an occupational health hazard due to risks of falling and inhalation of coal dust.  Wuzheng developed a special vehicle that could scrub and vacuum coal trains at a safe distance.  By utilizing Wuzheng's products, companies including Shandong Port Group (the world's largest port group) achieved better worker safety and lower cost operations.

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    Creating Rural Areas

    Over 30% of China's population lives in rural and farming communities that provide food not only for China but throughout the world.  Waste content often includes a mix of household and agricultural material such as crop and animal waste, which can be difficult to handle.  Wuzheng sanitation equipment including garbage, sweeping and sewage removal serve more than 3,000 villages.  With a recent trend of city-dwellers looking for eco-tourism experiences, several of villages have expanded their economic opportunities while improving the living conditions of the residents.

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