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Wuzheng and TS Tractors

We provide users with eco-friendly and intelligent solutions and services in the agricultural production fields.

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We provide users with eco-friendly and smart solutions for agricultural production and services

With the aid of our products, farmland production practices become smarter and more efficient.

We enable the production of more melons, fruits and vegetables on farmlands. We aim to cover the entire process of farming, ranging from sowing to harvesting of farm crops. Our goal is to make farmland production processes smarter and more efficient.


40-80 Horsepower

80-150 Horsepower

150+ Horsepower


Our Advantages

A single touch to hoist and reverse the tractor plow

Helps hoist and reverse the tractor's reversible plow when turning at the edge of a field.

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    A time saver

    Reduces time spent over the course of the whole turn by up to five seconds.

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    Higher efficiency

    Lessens operator burden and enhances work efficiency by 5.2%-8.3%.

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    User-friendly design

    Drives down novice operator misoperation rate as well as dependency on a veteran operator.

Digital and smart machine version 2.0

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    Automated plowing depth consistency, automatic leveling, constant cruising speed, rearview video monitoring, repair and maintenance reminders, as well as automatic acreage tallying.

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    Easy to operate

    Operational convenience enables a 9.8% increase in working efficiency.

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    A higher rate of farmland utilization

    Increases farmland utilization rate by 4.5% and reduces waste of fuel, seeds, and chemical fertilizer by 4.5%.

Use scenarios

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    Wuzheng's agricultural machinery helps boost agricultural development in Uganda

    Uganda is an African country with great potential for agricultural growth. Agriculture has played a dominant role in its national economy, as 25% of its territory is arable land. But the country lack of advanced agricultural machinery and equipment impeded the efficiency of its farming and caused much of its arable land to remain underutilized. 2016 witnessed the establishment of Wuzheng East Africa (Uganda) Agricultural Development Company. Relying on a myriad of local resources, we built a pilot agricultural park. We planted corn, rice and other cash crops on a large scale with the aid of our highly efficient tractors and other machines. In addition, we have been training skilled local operators of agricultural machinery and provided job opportunities in an effort to boost the growth of local agriculture.

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    Wuzheng's tractors help with the sustainable supply of palm oil in Indonesia

    Indonesia is the world's biggest manufacturer of palm oil. Among types of vegetable oil, palm oil has ranked first in the world in terms of production volume, consumption volume and international trade volume. It is widely used in food processing and catering industries. Palm oil is extracted from palm fruits. In Indonesia, these fruits have been picked manually for centuries. It is a tiring job to pick palm fruits and the conditions are often concerning. Wuzheng Model MD454 and Model TS904 tractors deliver quality work and operate at a higher efficiency, and are widely recognized and employed locally. These products not only help with the picking of palm fruits, but also serve to plow, mow and transport when combined with other agricultural machines or tools. Consequently, they help improve the working environment and efficiency and help mitigate the shortage of palm oil.

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    Wuzheng's tractors help Egyptian farmers increase income

    Egypt is one of the world's biggest food importers, with low levels of agricultural mechanization and low income for farmers. Wuzheng's tractors were ushered into the Egyptian market in 2008 and have been extensively employed in agricultural production ever since. According to Egyptian farmers, the same job that took a family three or four days to complete in the past can be done now by one person in half a day. As a result of spending less time in field work, now they have more time for other work, and significantly increasing income. Egypt endeavors to increase its self-sufficiency for food production as well as the income of its farmers. Across the country, Wuzheng's tractors have been employed to empower Egyptians to achieve their goals.

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