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Electric rear loader

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    Battery capacity


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    Working cruising power

    Over 200km. It can load and unload three trucks and 300 buckets of garbage on one charge.

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    Environmentally friendly

    Working noise <80dB, low noise without disturbing people.


  • Pure electric license, high efficiency and energy saving

    162.28kWh battery capacity. It can load and unload three trucks and 300 buckets of garbage on one charge.

    The operating range per kWh can be up to 1.5km with a working cruising power of over 200km, and charge time of<2h.

  • Reliable quality and long-lasting durability

    Preferred CATL batteries and INOVANCE motors are selected. The electronic control is subjected to severe tests to guarantee the safety of the three power supplies.

    Equipped with CAN bus control system. The chassis and top are intelligently linked, saving energy and electricity.

    The top is made of robot-welded weather-resistant and wear-resistant steel, with electrophoresis baked paint. This features better corrosion-resistant performance and longer service life.

    The entire vehicle has an integrated design, with one-stop after-sale services.

  • Comfortable operation and environmental protection

    One-key shifting, optional airbag seat, comfortable ride, with a working noise<80dB, providing low noise without disturbing people.


Use scenarios

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