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Silage Machinery

We are committed to elevating the production of high-quality feeds for cattle and sheep.  Through proper harvesting and wrapping of forage for fermentation, we aim to boost the efficiency of livestock farming.

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Efficiently Harvest Multiple Crops

Including Corn, Clover, Sugar Cane, Sorghum and Cotton

Provide high-nutrition feed year-round with our extensive selection of forage harvesters and balers, available as standalone units or combined machines.


Harvest machinery

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    Self-propelled Forage Harvester
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    Self-propelled Forage Harvester
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    Self-propelled Forage Harvester
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    Self-propelled Forage Harvester

Baling and wrapping machine

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    Green Fodder Baling and Wrapping Machine
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    Green Fodder Circular Baling and Wrapping Machine

Supporting equipment

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    Suspension Type Green Fodder Round Baling and Wrapping Machine

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    Wuzheng's silage machinery helps bolster the wholesome growth of the livestock farming industry

    The four seasons noticeably vary in China and other countries near the Tropic of Capricorn or the Tropic of Cancer. In these countries, certain regions use livestock farming practices resulting in less forage grass supply. Lower temperatures during the winter lead to feed shortages for cattle and sheep. Wuzheng's silage machinery is capable of harvesting and wrapping silage crops, which can be stored for at least 2 years in airtight spaces. In the harsh winter, herdsmen use green fodder to properly feed their cattle and sheep. This green fodder has most of its nutrients retained due to airtight containers preventing exposure to air. Wuzheng's silage machinery makes it possible to feed cattle and sheep with nutrient-rich forage grasses in the harsh winter, boosting the health and growth of the livestock farming industry.

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    Wuzheng's silage machinery helps farms increase income by increasing their operating efficiency

    China's northwest region abounds in land resources and boasts a wholesome climate, enabling the robust growth of forage grasses. Selling local forage grasses is common. However, because forage grasses are highly prone to spoilage and not suitable for long-haul transportation, it is more likely to sell them locally or to nearby areas. Wuzheng's silage machinery offers a remarkable solution. These products are devised to carry out fieldwork, transportation services and job tasks in fixed locations, providing numerous solutions for harvesting and wrapping. This makes it possible to transport green fodder over a long distance, enhancing farmers' revenues. For example, the H7 Green Fodder Harvester by Wuzheng is capable of harvesting crops such as clover, whole-plant corn, forage grass, sugar cane, sorghum and cotton, plus others. This enhances farm working efficiency and expands scope of work. This remarkable versatility has made it a popular choice among farmers.

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    Wuzheng's silage machinery helps improve meat and milk quality by aiding in the harvest of high-grade forage grasses

    As living standards move up, meat and milk become indispensable sources of nutrients on the table. Ensuring the quality of meat and milk is equal to guaranteeing people's health safety. In high-grade forage grasses, most nutrients are retained, preserving the quality of meat and milk. Wuzheng's silage machinery is capable of harvesting and wrapping silage plants to supply cattle and sheep with nutritional feeds in all four seasons. This enables the production of high-quality meat and milk. In the future, we will provide solutions for harvesting and wrapping of forage grasses for cattle and sheep feeding by age and for their distinctive needs. This will enhance the efficiency of livestock farming and meat and milk quality. Engineered to deliver impressive performance, Wuzheng's silage machinery helps ensure forage grass flavor, safety and quality.

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