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Side loader

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    Box volume

    10 cubic meters

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    Garbage compression ratio


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    Side-load feeding

    Feeding cycle time ≤ 15s


  • High efficiency and environmental protection

    Wuzheng's 10m3 side-load compression garbage truck features large loading capacity, with an average loading capacity of 6-7 tons, equivalent to more than 120 full 240L garbage bins. This results in lower cost of the entire truck, and lowers the cost of business operation and procurement. Double pumps for higher operating efficiency.

  • Reliable quality

    Side-loading is more suitable for rural and town roads where the bucket hanging is more convenient and the box is fully sealed. Wet garbage and dry garbage can be collected simultaneously with better sealing performance. The entire vehicle is short, the turning radius is small, and it has improved passing ability.

  • Convenient operation

    It is equipped with a wireless remote control device, making the operation simple and convenient. The pull rod loading mechanism is compatible with the standard 120L and 240L garbage bins, making the loading operation of a single bin more efficient (15s).

  • Intelligent sanitation

    Equipped with an intelligent sanitation system, enabling digital management of the overall process of vehicle operation.

  • One-stop service

    Integrated design of the entire vehicle. One-stop after-sales service and solution for chassis and top-loading problems.

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Use scenarios

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