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Electric hook lift

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    Battery capacity


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    Working cruising range

    Over 280km

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    Hooking capacity

    Eight tons


  • High efficiency and energy saving, extra long cruising power

    The comprehensive cruising range is at least 280km, and the power consumption per hundred kilometers is as low as 35kwh. It can save RMB 28 Yuan per 100km compared with fuel vehicles of the same type.

  • Safe and reliable, long lasting and durable

    The structural parts of the arm are made of robot-welded high-strength carbon steel, resulting in a reliable structure.

    The main hydraulic components are imported or are of major brands, ensuring a long service life.

    The entire vehicle has an integrated design, with one-stop after-sales services.

  • Compact structure, convenient control

    It integrates loading, transportation and dumping. Operation buttons and handles are located both inside and outside the cab, making the overall operation process convenient and efficient.


Use scenarios

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