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Trucks with self-loading function

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    Low operating cost

    Compliance with the blue licence, C license driving

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    Box volume

    10 cubic metres, 40% higher loading capacity than the industry.

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    Safe and reliable

    Designed to prevent the bin from swinging and flopping.


  • Blue licence and C certificate

    Compliance with blue licence products, reducing operating costs.

  • High efficiency and reliability

    Large loading capacity, 40% higher than the industry's blue-plate self-loading and unloading (can load 240L bins 60 barrels);

    Unique design of box feeding port and bucket hanging mechanism prevents spillage of rubbish and sewage during loading.

  • High quality and efficiency

    Adopting acid washing, phosphating, electrophoresis and other treatment processes to extend the service life of the box; equipped with night lighting for the bucket hanging mechanism to assist night operation;


Use scenarios

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