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Kitchen waste collector

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    Product series

    5m³, 6m³, 10m³, 13m³ (categorized according to box volume)

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    Box body material

    Shipping container grade weatherproof steel plate

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    Unloading method

    Lifting and self-unloading


  • Reliable and durable

    The box body is made of weather-resistant steel, with a service life of up to six years.

  • Multiple gears, strong adaptability

    It is equipped with an auxiliary gearbox, with twice the number of gears as similar products to adapt to all kinds of road conditions.

  • High adaptability

    The feeding mechanism is compatible with standard 120L and 240L garbage bins for high adaptability.

  • Flexible turning

    Short length of the entire vehicle for flexible turning, with a turning radius two meters shorter than similar products.

  • Convenient operation

    It is equipped with a wireless remote control device and liquid level monitoring device, making operation more convenient.

  • Integrated design

    Integrated design of the entire vehicle. One-stop after-sales service for solutions to chassis and top-loading problems.


Use scenarios

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