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Electric kitchen waste collector

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    Battery capacity


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    Working cruising range

    Over 200km

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    Bearing capacity

    Up to six tons


  • Pure electric, green high efficiency and energy saving

    It is equipped with CATL 162.28kWh battery, with a working cruising power of more than 200km, a carrying capacity of up to six tons, and a charging time of <2h.

  • Reliable quality and long-lasting durability

    Preferred CATL batteries and INOVANCE motors are selected. The electronic control is subjected to severe tests, so safety of the three power supplies is guaranteed.

    The top is made of robot-welded weather-resistant and wear-resistant steel, with electrophoresis baked paint. This features better corrosion-resistant performance and longer service life.

    The bin anti-swing design reduces trash bin breakage rate by 30%.

  • Comfortable control, efficient operation

    It is equipped with a wireless remote control device for flexible and convenient operation. The top cover opens as the bucket lifting mechanism ascends to avoid misoperation.


Use scenarios

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