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Electric sewage vacuum

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    battery capacity


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    Operating mileage

    More than 150km, green card C certificate, small vehicle size, suitable for working in back streets and alleys;

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    Tank volume



  • Small body, large capacity

    Green plate C certificate, the vehicle is small in size and suitable for working in back streets and alleys;

    The tank volume is 2.3m³ and the single loading capacity is large.

  • High efficiency, energy saving, long battery life

    Using Dadi and TZ260XSC52 motors, the peak power can reach 100kW, with strong power and strong climbing ability.

    Equipped with a 55.7kWh battery from CATL, the vehicle has a cruising range of more than 150km.

  • Reliable quality

    The tank body is made of high-quality carbon steel and automatically welded;

    Round structure, surface electrophoresis primer + baking paint anti-corrosion, internal asphalt anti-corrosion optional, the tank is reliable and durable.


Use scenarios

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