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Pure electric road maintenance vehicle

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    Battery capacity


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    Water tank volume

    2m³, 20% more than competing products.

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    Equipped with various cleaning devices


  • Compact and flexible

    Green card C certificate, the vehicle is small in size and suitable for working in areas with back streets and alleys; it has a small turning radius and strong overall maneuverability.

  • Versatile

    Equipped with a variety of cleaning devices, it has front cleaning operation functions, left and right corner spray operation functions, columnar fixed-point cleaning operation functions, hand-held spray gun operation functions, and hand-push spray cleaning functions (optional) to meet the cleaning and maintenance operations of road surfaces with different pollution levels. .

  • Excellent cleaning

    Adopting intelligent computer control, all operations can be set with one click, intelligent control, and simple operation;

    Brand water pump, reliable quality, high pressure cleaning operation and good cleaning effect.


Use scenarios

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