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Public waste bin

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    Product series


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    Excellent sealing

    The bin features complete sealing of the structure

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    Uses automobile manufacturing technology and dual anti-corrosion measures to ensure bin durability.


  • Aesthetic and elegant

    The trash bin has an attractive and elegant appearance, and the overall design is in harmony with the environment.

  • Excellent sealing

    The bin body features an integral sealing structure, with inlaid rubber sealing strips on the lid edge to effectively prevent rain. The user-friendly design is convenient for trash disposal and sealing. The rear door of the bin features a locking switch and inlaid rubber sealing strips, providing excellent sealing to prevent liquid waste from leaking and the bin from rusting.

  • Durability

    The entire trash bin body is processed by degreasing and phosphatization. It uses automobile manufacturing processes and dual anti-corrosion measures to ensure bin durability.


Use scenarios

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