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Standard sweeper

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    More convenient operation

    All operations can be configured with a single click.

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    More efficient cleaning

    Advanced software for fans and suction nozzles to independently analyze the flow field and movement process.

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    Multiple options for operating modes

    Nine different operating modes are available


  • Reliable configuration

    Uses the reliable Wuzheng Aochi chassis, featuring reasonable power matching, strong power and higher reliability.

  • Energy saving and environmental protection

    The chassis complies with the National VI emission standards, and the auxiliary engine complies with the National III emission standards, resulting in lower fuel consumption.

  • More convenient operation

    Uses intelligent computer control. All operations can be configured with a single click for intelligent control that is easy to operate.

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Use scenarios

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  • 3吨洗扫车(视频号).00_01_13_43.Still006.jpg

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