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Transfer station

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    Horizontal direct compression mode

    Compression is done horizontally, and the push shovel uses a guide-free design with small clearance

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    No spillage

    The unique patented technology of the box and rear door completely eliminate overflow of waste liquid during transportation

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    Multiple working conditions with strong adaptability

    Optional configuration: one machine and one box (fixed), one machine and two boxes (mobile machine), one machine and two boxes (mobile box)


  • Horizontal direct pressure mode - Safe and anti-rebound

    It uses horizontal pressure, with no guide rail on the push shovel and small clearance to ensure smooth device operation. The compression pusher head enters into the box with a long stroke which, with the intelligent control logics, ensures that the gate mechanism descends faster than the rebound of garbage.

  • High-strength corrosion resistance - long service life

    The key parts such as compression head, compression chamber and sanitation box are made of high-strength Q345B low-alloy high-strength plate and wear-resistant steel plate. The surface of the equipment features the dual processes of high-density shot blasting to remove rust and anti-corrosion primer coating, ensuring the service life of the equipment.

  • Intelligent control - optimized safety

    Fully automated operation, high working efficiency. PLC programming used for the automatic control of garbage compression cycle operation. The equipment features multiple self-locking functions and full tank alarm to guarantee excellent safety.


Use scenarios

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