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Hook lift

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    Efficient Transportation

    Multiple containers in one vehicle

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    Safe and reliable

    High-strength steel plate is used for the structural parts of pulling arm

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    Convenient operation

    Integration of loading, transportation and unloading


  • One vehicle with multiple boxes, efficient transportation

    Separate use of vehicle and box, one vehicle with multiple boxes, serving multiple waste transfer stations, maximizing the use of transport vehicles, reducing the allocation of vehicles and drivers, reducing operating costs.

  • High reliability of key components

    The structural parts of the arm are made of high-strength steel plate and welded by automatic equipment, which makes the structure reliable; the main hydraulic components are imported or famous brands, which makes the service life long.

  • Compact structure and convenient operation

    It integrates loading, transportation and dumping, and the control buttons or handles are located inside and outside the cab, which makes the whole operation process convenient and efficient.


Use scenarios

  • 5方拉链式餐厨垃圾车.00_00_05_17.Still003.jpg
  • 5方拉链式餐厨垃圾车.00_01_42_06.Still009.jpg
  • 5方拉链式餐厨垃圾车.00_01_46_12.Still006.jpg
  • 5方拉链式餐厨垃圾车.00_01_01_12.Still004.jpg

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