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Specialized vehicle industry

Discover Wuzheng's diverse range of innovative and customized vehicles designed specifically for the agricultural and sanitation sectors. These vehicles offer unparalleled functionality and efficiency, revolutionizing operations in these industries.

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Self-propelled fertilizer spreader
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Vacuum truck for sewage collection
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Sprinkling truck
  • Self-propelled fertilizer spreader

    Available for both dry and wet manure, flexible operation, time and labor saving.

    • Precise material control

    • Stable operation

    • Even fertilizer spreading

  • Vacuum truck for sewage collection

    Self-suction and self-discharging with high efficiency, suitable for the collection and treatment of liquid substances such as sewage, sludge and mud.

    • High durability

    • Reliable quality

    • Excellent pressure and abrasion resistant

  • Sprinkler truck

    One vehicle with multiple functions, including water pumping, water storage, water sprinkling and dust suppression, featuring stable and reliable performance.

    • High cost-effectiveness

    • Ultra-long range

    • Superior performance

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  • Diesel engine
      • Hydraulic fertilizer transfer system

      • Configured with reducer

      • Adjustable fertilizer release

      • Hydraulic chain plate feeding

      • Configured with hydraulic oil air-cooled radiator

  • Diesel engine
      • High-strength tank

      • Integrated vacuum pump

      • Rear-mounted liquid level tube

      • Equipped with mechanical overflow prevention valve

      • Suction and discharge pipe

  • Diesel engine
      • Air-assisted remote fog cannon

      • High rear-mounted cannon with 360° rotation

      • Equipped with famous brand air-cooled diesel generators

      • Equipped with famous brand air-cooled diesel generators

      • Equipped with rear sprinkler (flushing device)

  • Self-propelled fertilizer spreader
  • Vacuum truck for sewage collection
  • Sprinkler truck

Efficient transportation solutions for users worldwide

Wuzheng's three-wheeled vehicles have been market leaders for over 40 years. The quality and continuous innovation of Wuzheng's vehicles provide users worldwide with efficient transportation solutions.

Use scenarios

Discover the versatility of our vehicle product line in action.
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