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Sewage vacuum

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    Product series

    2.5m³, 5m³, 9m³ (categorized according to tank volume)

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    Reliable quality

    Automotive grade electrophoretic baked paint

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    Safe and reliable

    The tank body is equipped with an anti-overflow valve and indicator tube.


  • Heavy-duty chassis with improved matching

    The chassis is a special heavy-duty design, and the entire vehicle features an integrated design for vacuum tanker operations, resulting in better matched performance.

  • Asphalt anti-corrosion with extended service life

    The upper box body is made of high quality, robot-welded carbon steel with automotive electrophoresis baked paint. Also features internal asphalt corrosion protection for longer service life.

  • Quick and convenient

    Supports upper suction and lower discharge or lower suction and lower discharge. The connecting joint features female and male quick-change joints for quick and convenient assembling and disassembling.


Use scenarios

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