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Harvest machinery


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    Grain breakage rate

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Silage harvesting and baling machine, equipped with 2.2/2.4 meter disc cutting header. Equipped with a 240-horsepower engine, enabling dynamic power. Chain roller bar type baling mechanism, ensuring the compactness of the silage. Available for all land types except for mountainous areas.

Product features

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    Wheeled chassis for quick transfer, 4WD optional

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    Automatic quantitative and timed lubrication of the entire vehicle

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    Three models of cutting headers available


    Shrub header, knives header, corn header.

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    High-density baling technology

  • 5

    Grain breakage rate above 98%


Use scenarios

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Technical parameters

Structure style/Wheel type
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) - Transportation statusmm7000×2300×3400
Overall dimensions (L×W×H) - Working dimensionsmm7435×2350×3715
Entire machine masskg7500
Minimum ground clearancemm340
Operating speedkm/h1~6
Working widthmm2000/2200
Type of cutting header/Disc cutting header, with straight cut option, pick-up table
Type of cutter/Disc cutter
Type of feeding mechanism/Feeding roller
Type of straw chopping mechanism/Drum type
Type of grain crushing mechanism/Double roller type
Type of baling mechanism/Roller type
Silage bale widthmm850
Silage bale diametermm1000
Silage bale weightkg500
Travel and transmission - Drive gearbox type/High and low gearbox + hydraulic drive
Travel and transmission - Wheelbasemm2830
Travel and transmission - Wheel track - Guide wheelmm1700
Travel and transmission - Wheel track - Drive wheelmm1670
Travel and transmission - Tire specification and model - Guide wheel/10.0/75-15.3
Travel and transmission - Tire specification and model - Drive wheel/15.0-24

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