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Harvest machinery


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    360/400/460/480/530 HP


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    Harvest width

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    Grain breakage rate

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Silage harvester, equipped with 3.5m/4.5m foldable wide cutting header. Equipped with a 360/400/460/480/530-horsepower engine, enabling dynamic power. Foldable long-arm throwing cylinder with a throwing distance of over six meters. Suitable for large plots where loading vehicles follow the operation.

Product features

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    Four sets of discs for precise feeding, allowing smooth and even feeding to ensure effective work

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    Floating feeding roller with high front and low back design

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    Three-stage foldable and extended throwing cylinder

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    Bionic automatic knife sharpening system


Use scenarios

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Technical parameters

Model and nameUnit4QZ-350(G4)4QZ-450(G4)
External dimensions under working condition (L×W×H)mm7550×3600×55007550×4600×5900
Rated power of supporting enginekW266.5/295353/386
Rated speed of supporting engine/22001900
Type of crop collection cutting header/Straight cutting headerStraight cutting header
Type of cutter/Disc cutterDisc cutter
Type of feeding mechanism/Feeding rollerFeeding roller
Number of feeding mechanisms/44
Type of straw chopping mechanism/Drum typeDrum type
Type of grain crushing mechanism/Double roller typeDouble roller type
Type of cab/Regular cabRegular cab
Drive mode/Hydraulic driveHydraulic drive
Brake type/Disc typeDisc type
Guide wheel trackmm20502050
Guide wheel tire specification/12.00-1812.00-18
Drive wheel trackmm21602160
Drive wheel tire specification/23.1-2623.1-26
Operating speed rangekm/h3 to 103 to 10
Design cut lengthmm10.16.23.2910.16.23.29

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