FEIDI W Series

Focusing on driver safety and a refined cabin experience, while delivering efficient performance.
  • GVW

  • Cab Width

    1900, 2120
  • Power

    Electric, Hybrid, Diesel, Gas-CNG


Highly customizable and durable for a wide range of uses.
  • GVW

  • Cab Width

    1600, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2000
  • Power

    Electric, Hybrid, Diesel, Gas-CNG

FEIDI Q Series

For everyday errands in a maneuverable and efficient package.
  • GVW

  • Power

    Electric, Diesel


More cargo space and huge payload in a pickup-sized package.
  • GVW

  • Cab

    Single Row, Double Row
  • Power

    Electric, Diesel, Gas-CNG

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    Feidi minitrucks help in the eco-friendly production of petroleum

    Petroleum resources abound in China with a multitude of oil fields throughout the vast land. During petroleum production, proper transport plays a paramount role in enhancing efficiency as well as protecting the environment. In China, Shengli Oil Field Corp. is aware of the importance of improving its oil well patrol vehicles. With this awareness, it has worked alongside Feidi Motors to develop a custom-made model of vehicle to meet the specific demands of the oil field – the Feidi Q2 oil well patrol vehicle. Feidi Q2 adopts the latest eco-friendly technology and meets the applicable criteria of energy-saving and environmental protections. This means that once in use, these patrol vehicles can help reduce exhaust emissions as well as impact on the environment. They also deliver outstanding passing ability and adaptability and are capable of operating stably under rough terrain and adverse road conditions. Additionally, Feidi Q2 pays close attention to vehicle noise and vibration control to offer drivers a more comfortable working environment. The custom development and use of Feidi Q2 is of great significance for China's eco-friendly production of petroleum across all territories. China continuously drives toward sustainable production of petroleum, making positive and coordinated contributions to both environmental protection and economic growth.

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    Feidi Aochi Dump Trucks: Paving the Way for Quality Housing in Vietnam

    In the heart of Southeast Asia, Vietnam’s economy is rapidly emerging. This growth has sparked a surge in demand for high-quality housing. However, this trend has highlighted a challenge - the country’s narrow roads.

    In response to this unique challenge, Feidi has developed two types of dump trucks, each with impressive bearing capacities of 5 and 6 tons. These trucks are designed with shorter wheelbases, making them perfectly suited to navigate Vietnam’s narrow roads.

    These Aochi dump trucks have become an invaluable asset for those involved in the sale and transportation of building materials. By ensuring timely and efficient delivery, they’re helping people build more comfortable, higher-quality homes.

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