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Supporting equipment


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    Supporting power

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    two rolls

    Number of wrappings

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    Suitable wrapping weight

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    40 bales/h

    Operating efficiency


Suspended silage wrapper with three-point suspension, hydraulic power output from tractor, and operator control box.

Product features

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    Integrated intelligent control system

  • 2

    Constant wrapping speed for high efficiency operation

  • 3

    Uses electro-hydraulic technology. Highly automated. Easy and convenient operation

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    Three-point suspension for easy movement and operation


Use scenarios

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Technical parameters

Model and specificationsUnit4QM—1200 suspension type silage wrapper
Body dimensions - Overall lengthmm2600
Body dimensions - Overall widthmm1800
Body dimensions - Overall heightmm2200
Body dimensions - Weightkg620
Wrapping part - Suitable round bale dimensions/900-1100mm diameter, 1000mm height
Wrapping part - Suitable round bale weightkg500
Wrapping part - Wrap widthmm500
Wrapping part - Number of wrap rolls/2
Wrapping part - Control device/Automatic
Wrapping part - Supporting powerPS>90
Wrapping part - Working voltage/12
Wrapping part - Working speedL/min20

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